Thousands Of “Christians” To Gather For “CRY IN” Over Immoral Hollywood

Thousands of “Christians” (at 12 dollars a ticket) will gather at the  Los Angeles amphitheater on Thursday to “cry, pray and fast” for immoral Hollywood and the influence that the industry has on the country and the world.

Faytene Grasseschi,  event director.

“The whole heart of the day is to pray … to fast … to worship, and to believe God [will] move in the heart of entertainment media in a way that will impact the whole nation and the world.  We all know how much of an influence entertainment media has on America, on the nations of the earth, and on the generation at large. So we’re going there to pray … that God will move in a powerful way.”

“Who is really disciplining your generation? Who’s really disciplining the nation by mass? And we had to kind of say back as we prayed through that question, Well, it really is the media!.” 

Well now here’s a comical twist in history…this time Christians will be the spectators at an amphitheater.

What do you think?

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