Missouri Advances Nondiscrimination Protections For Gun Owners NOT Gays

Well it looks like in the the “show me” state of Missouri you’ll soon be protected from discrimination for your love of guys, but not for the love of another human being who happens to be the same sex as the Missouri House advanced a new nondiscrimination bill that protects gun owners while LGBT’s in the state still face employment or housing discrimination without any protections. When the law passes which it looks like it will, it will ensure that anyone who legally carries a firearm cannot be fired, denied benefits, or otherwise discriminated against.

Said who is openly gay state Rep. Mike Colona (D), “what this body has done is put protecting gun ownership above discriminating against somebody because of their sexual orientation, and I just don’t think that’s right.”

And thats why Missouri is called a “flyover state”

What do you think?

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