Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber Compares The Southern Poverty Law Center To The “Occupy Movement”

Matt Barber, (the scary looking thing above) of the Liberty Counsel out of Jerry Fawell’s Liberty University is livid that the SPLC last week cited some dangerous anti-government militia organizations as hate groups last week in their new listings.  So in retaliation Barber compares the SLPC to the “Occupy Moviement”

Like that’s a bad thing.

“Only in the eyes of a liberal, extremist group can those who embrace patriotism be considered dangerous, radical hate groups. This is a group of leftists who are demonstratively hateful. Yet the Southern Poverty Law Center is like-minded with the Occupy movement, so of course they’re not going to attack their buddies. That would be friendly fire. It should come as no surprise that the Southern Poverty Law Center and its credibility are spiraling down the abyss of irrelevance.”

Fatty Matty needs to understand that those white supremacist and anti-government militia groups are about as patriotic to preserving American liberty as storm troopers were patriotic to the preservation of Nazi Germany

What do you think?

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