Liberty Counsel & Focus On The Family: Gays Are Taking Away Our Freedom Of Hate Speech

“This is an attempt to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of religion by trying to intimidate the media into forfeiting their constitutional right to freedom of the press. They’re seeking to saw three of the five legs of freedom off the stool that holds up the First Amendment. America was founded on debate and discussion; that formula has worked pretty well for us for more than 230 years. It makes you wonder why GLAAD would want to eradicate it.” – Gary Schneeberger, of Focus On The Family

Nothing fires up the faithful and gets those Right Wing welfare donations flowing in like adopting the victim stance

“They need to understand — liberals and secularists — that as Christ followers, we will never, ever stop speaking God’s truth in love. We appreciate when they reveal who they really are here and reveal the weakness inherent within their own arguments by attempting to silence those who would dare to dissent with their radical secular socialism. Since they cannot win the debate on the merits, the only thing left for these activists to do is try to silence those who disagree with them.” – Liberty Counsel’s  Matt Barber.

 Being criticized when you speak does not mean you are being oppressed. 

And just FYI.  Freedom of Speech works both ways.  You have the right to tell your bullshit lies and we have the right to complain, tell the truth and destroy you with your own lies.

What do you think?

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