Look Out Hunger Games, Kirk Cameron’s Movie “Monumental” Has Opened

On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. (local) in more than 450 major movie theaters, audiences will come together for a live, one-night only theatrical event called MONUMENTAL: IN SEARCH OF AMERICA’S NATIONAL TREASURE, hosted by Kirk Cameron. The two-hour show will include special guests, live music, and a showing of Kirk’s new documentary film MONUMENTAL. Audiences will be inspired as they come together at the same time in cities across the country to rediscover the people and the principles that made America the strongest, most free and prosperous nation on earth.

Yes,  a washed up, balding,  has-been teen sitcom actor and “alleged” closet case is going to lead the nation back to HIS religious extremist version of America’s roots.

I wonder if the entire movie was shot in Griffith Park?


16 thoughts on “Look Out Hunger Games, Kirk Cameron’s Movie “Monumental” Has Opened

  1. God Bless Kirk Cameron for his honesty and loyalty to our one and only living God! He is a wonderful Christian man, husband and father of six children. He seeks to serve man by teaching the lost of the desires of God. Exposing the sexual immoral among us ~ those who are “deplorable” in the sight of God, as HE (GOD) clearly states that he hates homosexuality!!! Kirk provides exciting movies with Christian overtones ~ entertaining and encouraging couples and families, alike! His most recent movie, “Monumental”, focuses on the primary principles, which have made America the strongest and most desired country in the world. The movie exposes the political problems that face our country today, as well as, the necessity that we, as Americans, must do to protect our country and get it back in the standing it “once” held! One nation UNDER GOD…..

    1. I will give Kirk the good husband and father bit, but have to disagree with the good Christian part. Christianity is about showing God’s love and compassion, not about spreading hate. With his comments on the subject of homosexuality, hate is what he uttered.

      Plus Dianna if you are such a supporter of Kirk and a believer in the one true God, why are you posting on a site for a gay publication? Is there a closet you need to come out of?????

      1. I’m not going to play the game of picking apart every little point, but at least try to be intellectually honest. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, please don’t pretend that you do.

        Jesus himself was a VERY polarizing figure was he not? Or is the Jesus that emptied the temple with a whip because he said they had made it into a “den of robbers” not the one you are talking about?

        The example you use of “Jesus didn’t stone the whore’s” actually shows even further that you don’t know what you’re talking about. The culturally acceptable thing to do would have been to stone her. Jesus rocked the boat by telling them that the person that was sinless could throw the first stone.

        The fact is that Jesus stood up even when it was difficult and even when the “status quo” was against him. He didn’t care about “polarizing” people, he cared about being more like his heavenly father, and leading other people to him.

    2. Dianna, sweetheart, you Have to ease up on that crack pipe you are smoking.

      You can have morality, and good behaviors, like WWJD, in Every population and culture in this world….in fact they are there now. That has nothing to do with God
      cursing people….

      WWJD? Nothing like you are talking, I’ll tell you that.

      I think this movie might be interesting….and this blog a little skewed against something the author hasn’t seen yet. But that doesn’t mean he is doomed to eternal damnation because he is gay. Two extremes only make things worse…..best to
      work towards the middle….that is closest to everyone’s reality.

      We all need to join forces and restore America to an honorable place, but that won’t be through replacing one hypocrisy with another….or a return to ignorance, and fear of anything we don’t understand.
      Its time to stop fighting….and work towards a true United states. God didn’t make America any more special than any place else….thats just ego-maniac self centeredness.

      So, time to stop polarizing groups of people, and start behaving like jesus would have us behave….you don’t even have to believe in him, to adhere to a good code of ethics he espoused….like any good prophet. So, in a nutshell, Jesus didn’t stone the whores….nor should you (since that seems to be what you think of gay men 😉

    3. Which god would that be? considering your version of god is irrelevant to civil law, your chosen faith ends where mine begins.

    4. I love when people write this scripted cultist crap as if we can’t see it for what it really is. I don’t know what scares me more: that you may actually believe all the tripe you just wrote, or that you might be someone who gets paid to write these things in order to try to sway public opinion. Both are pretty pathetic, honestly.

    5. El Shaddai also has a strong hatred for crustaceavores. Have you ever eaten shrimp, crab, or lobster, Dianna? Then congratulations!: According to the Book of Leviticus, God hates you just as much as he hates homosexuals. Same goes if you’ve ever eaten meat and a dairy product (id est: A CHEESEBURGER) at the same time. Dianna, do you avoid the company of men for a week during your menses? If you don’t, then that’s another of the 613 Mitzvot you’ve failed to fulfill, further incurring God’s wrath and violating laws of ritual purity. Dianna, do you wear blended fabrics like rayon or sateen? Another affront to God. Dianna, do you burn a bull unto the Lord on the Sabbath for he findeth its scent pleasing? No? Well, good job! The Book of Leviticus has now utterly condemned you.

    6. Couldn’t agree more – well said! I am so happy he is going back in time to review exactly what the American Fore-fathers best intentions were!

      One of the most important elements being your Charter, Declaration, etc…especially about the parts, where everyone no matter what are TO BE treated equal – and lets not forget my all time favorite…COMPLETE AND TOTAL SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE…God bless you Kirk!

      Thank you for reminding us what America truly stood for.

  2. Isn’t he showing major disrespect to the flag holding it like that?
    Apart from being a total *tool* He’s just not that interesting.

  3. OMG Kirk Cameron said something I agree with. “My family is worth fighting for AND SO IS YOURS” (emphasis mine).

  4. Well, I’ve heard the LGBT community and others get very upset with Kirk and accuse him of hating them. I disagree with their accusation. I’m LDS and Kirk has a youtube video disparaging Mormons, but I don’t feel he hates Mormons at all. Nor do I feel he hates LGBT people. He disagrees with our choices on theological points that are his convictions. I feel he does so very respectfully. I completely believe him when he says he loves everyone and is just expressing his beliefs. I think we could all benefit from listening to one another without defensiveness or a backlash of mean-spirited comments just because we disagree.

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