HIV/AIDS: AMERICA’S DIVIDE: The Discovery Channel Looks at the Color Lines of HIV/AIDS in America Today

Every nine and half minutes someone in the United States is infected with HIV – and chances are that it will be someone of color.  African American represent nearly half of all new cases of HIV, although they represent only 15% of the population.   Tonight the Discovery Channel takes an in depth look at the color lines of HIV/AIDS in a world premiere documentary HIV/AIDS: AMERICA’S DIVIDE .

More than thirty years after the first case report of HIV, AIDS remains a significant problem in America.  Despite tremendous advances in testing and treatment, not everyone has benefitted equally.

HIV/AIDS: AMERICA’S DIVIDE tells the unheard stories of triumph and tragedy in America’s neighborhoods and spotlights the heroes on the front lines of the fight to prevent and treat the disease.  This compelling look at the new reality of HIV/AIDS exposes the cultural stigmas and social disparities that are widening the gap between who is living and who is dying.

 HIV/AIDS: AMERICA’S DIVIDE airing Saturday, March 17 at 8am e/p and will repeat on March 24th.

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