Sh*t People Say About AIDS

Joining in the latest craze to sweep YouTube – “Shit people say” – POZ, has come out with “Shit People Say About AIDS”. While it will not surprise most of you to see a couple of well known Republican party figures stating incorrect and discriminatory statements about the HIV+ and LGBT communities, the array of sources included in this video highlights how widespread are the misperceptions, myths and stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.


Humour can, of course, be a useful tool in capturing peoples’ attention, and poking fun at a serious issue is one way that many of us deal with life’s difficulties. But there’s no excuse for the proliferation of inaccurate or prejudiced beliefs. HIV is not a “gay disease”; HIV+ people are not “guilty” of some crime; and unless you know the true facts, HIV can affect any of us. Educate yourself to learnt the correct facts, ignorance is NOT bliss.

In order of appearance: Tina Fey; Ronald Reagan; Bryan Fischer, American Family Association; Dave Chappelle; Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) with Michelangelo Signorile; clip from the TV series True Blood; U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R–Texas); clip from the TV series Designing Women; clip from the song “I Got AIDS” by Lil B; clip from the TV series Family Guy; Chris Rock; Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel; clip from the TV series Seinfeld; Rush Limbaugh; clip from the TV series South Park


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