Romney “Glitterbomber” Charged With “Missle Throwing”, Faces 6 Months In Jail


Reuters is reporting that Peter Smith, the University of Colorado Boulder student who attempted to glitterbomb Mitt Romney on Wednesday which and was stopped by the Secret Service has been officially charged with with creating a disturbance, throwing a missile and an unlawful act on school property.  Smith, can face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted.

Smith has said that he was protesting  Romney not only for his stance on same-sex marriage but his “general political philosophy” and added that agents questioned him about the act of glittering: “They just mentioned this act was an issue that they’ve been trying to deal with more and more.”

Look, if you’re want to make a point and protest and are willing to face jail time at least go back to the “Anita Bryant Fruit Pie Special”.  It has LGBT historic meaning and nothing says homophobic clown like a pie in the face.

Glitterbombing is sooooooooooooo Martha Stewart on roids

I never get tired of this video!

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