Hypocrite Sheriff Paul Babeu Now Wants Investigation Of His Ex-Boyfriend After Saying He Wouldn’t Seek Retaliation

In a dramatic, and hypocritical (again) turn of events from what Sheriff Paul Babeu originally said just a few days ago that he had no plans to take legal action against the ex-boyfriend who outed his hypocritical self loathing closet case ass.  Badeau is now asking the top prosecutor in Gila County, AZ to look into “claims” that “Jose” his ex-lover, stole from and impersonated him.

I am requesting the assistance of your offices to conduct a joint comprehensive investigation into the recent allegations made publicly against me and my office including possible crimes committed against me personally,” Babeu’s letter said. “I request that your investigation look into allegations of human rights violations, threatening and intimidating, misuse of public resources, theft of property, theft of identity, fraud and impersonation.”

The sheriff said during a news conference on Saturday that the his ex-boyfriend, a former campaign volunteer who has since been identified as Jose Orozco, had accessed his campaign website and social media accounts without his permission. Babeu called those actions criminal.

Hell hath no fury like a gay conservative outed.  
Oh and Mr. Babeu, don’t forget to mention he also stole your political career……  dickhead.

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  1. You are the hypocrte, you selfrighteous fairy! Just because he is defending himself against defamation & character assassination, u slander him!

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