Homophobic Colorado Mesa University Football Player Assualts Lesbian At Bar Fracturing Her Skull

Chelsea Gallagher, her girlfriend Ashley and some other friends were leaving  the Red Room the Red Room in Grand Junction, CO  early Friday morning after a night of hanging out and having some fun.

But then the fun ended

As the girls were leaving Shane Williams a football player at Colorado Mesa University started making comments about them being gay and saying that Ashley looked like a boy.  At that time another man started yelling homophobic slurs at the four women and as Ashley got into a scuffle with him, Chelsea tried to break it up only to be accosted by by Shane Williams who then  got physical with Ashley and Williams picked the petite girl up and slammed her to the ground like a football tackle knocking her out cold.

Ashley suffered a fractured skull, bleeding from the ear, and a black eyes as a result of the assault and has no memory of the 15 minutes before and after she regained consciousness from her head injury.

Monday, Ashley continued her recovery in the hospital.  “You would never assume a guy would do that,” she told us Sunday in her hospital room. “I weigh 130 pounds, he could have easily pushed me or anything to stop me

Williams was arrested Friday on suspicion of second degree assault, possessing a fake ID and underage drinking, but is now out on bond.  pPolice are also looking into that hate crime allegation. Officers tell us the Mesa County District Attorney’s Office could add that charge as soon as Williams’ next day in court.

Watch the NBC 11 News Report by CLICKING HERE.  And be warned the comments on the NBC page is about as hateful as they get.

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