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Harvey Weinstein Threatens to Quit The MPAA After Unjust “R” Rating Given To ‘Bully’ Documentary – TRAILER

Harvey Weinstein, best known as co-founder of Miramax Films and now  co-chairmen of The Weinstein Company, is threatening to quit the MPAA after The MPAA gave his new film “BULLY” an “‘R” rating that would stop the movie could reaching the teen audience to which he was hoping the film would reach and educate about the dangers and consequences of teen bullying. 

EW reports that Weinstein appealed to the MPAA Rating Board along with one of the bullied children in the film, Alex Libby asking that the film be re-rated as “PG-13”. 

The board did not change the rating of the movie.

TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein and one of the bullied children in the film, Alex Libby delivered statements to the MPAA’s Classification and Rating Appeals Board today, arguing that an R rating would prevent “BULLY” from reaching the adolescent audience that would most benefit from the movie. (The studio was planning on screening the documentary at various middle and high schools.) However, for an MPAA rating to be overturned, a two-thirds vote is required — and Bully was one vote short.

Extremely disappointed Weinstein released a statement hinting that the MPAA has gone to far and the the The Weinstein company is considering leaving the organization.

Check out the Trailer for “BULLY” below:


Will Kohler

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2 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein Threatens to Quit The MPAA After Unjust “R” Rating Given To ‘Bully’ Documentary – TRAILER”

  1. I cannot believe they would give this movie an R rating! What is their basis? I’m guessing some “offensive” language that bullies use, but since when is that grounds for anything over a PG-13? Once again the MPAA proves how out of touch they are.

  2. The MPAA is unjust in its rating system. This movie should not deserve an “R” rating, why not give it a rating such as “R-13” in fact why is “PG-13” looked at so…. innocently when it obviously says Parental Guidance. This should have been a PG-13 movie, but no….

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