GLITZ Happens – Jon Stewart Slams “Glitterbombing” On The Daily Show

Jon Stewart took on the “glitterati” and the glitterbombings of candidates by gay activists, which he called “more clever than a pie in the face but less clever than something actually clever.”

Lets be honest. It was “cute” and “meaningful” the first few times and kudo’s to Nick Espinosa the activist who started it.  BUT, the more its been done, hijacked by others (yes, trans-activist I am talking to you) and overdone it’s gone from symbolic to annoying with candidates laughing it off but at the same time getting serious with the glitter activist like the college student who glittered Mitt Romney facing time in federal prison.

In the 1970’s when Anita Bryant was hit in the face with a pie it was a statement and rarely imitated.

If you REALLY want to make a statement and you are willing to risk jailtime there are many other ways to protest these GOP candidates.

By all means ACT-UP kids. But do it right. Take a page from the past and what REALLY worked. Gather and protest, chant, scream, march, use civil disobedience.

But glitterbombing is just so “stereotypical” and so very Rip Taylor on The Gong Show circa 1977




One thought on “GLITZ Happens – Jon Stewart Slams “Glitterbombing” On The Daily Show

  1. I’m of like mind with Jon Stewart. The first time I heard of it I laughed, but I think there are better ways to make the statement that these guys are bad news.

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