Gay GOP Presidential Candidate Fred Karger’s Campaign Site Shut Down Because He Criticized The Mormon Church

Poor Fred Karger can’t catch a break. 

Not only is he a far off the radar openly Gay GOP candidate whose run, in the end will be seen as more symbolic than serious since he has no chance in hell of winning.  In  an email to supporters on Friday Karger states that his  his campaign website was shut by Terra Eclipse based in Aptos, California,a design and information technology consulting group which developed and ran the website because of his various scrapes with the LDS Church over the years — his prosecution of their secretive and illegal support of Prop 8 and his  launch of the website — and Karger presented the following letter from  Terra Eclipse as proof:

While your campaign has every right to express views using tactics of your own choosing, our company also has the right to freely associate with our clients. In light of these actions, which not only appear to be completely irrelevant to a campaign for President of the United States, but also constitute an insult to and mockery of individuals of particular faiths, we are exercising our right to terminate your NetBoots account and disassociate with your campaign, as reserved in our Terms of Service (attached).

Karger who is probably the most progressive republican in all of America on LGBT issues unlike the Auntie Tom’s at GOFuckYourself GOProud and LCR really should have known better than to deal with a company that specializes in REAL GOP websites. 

But one has to wonder if Terra Eclipse would have reacted the same way if another of their Republican clients used their servers to “insult” and “mock” LGBTs?

I highly doubt it.

What do you think?

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