Christianist Hate-Monger DL Foster Wants Dan Savage Arrested

This is hate-mongering shit stain wants Dan Savage arrested for starting the It Gets Better Project. You see empowering children to fight back against the Christianist haters is not what these “people” want. Those who are different are just supposed to take it. By standing up to their bigotry we’re violating their civil rights. Or some such bullshit. Who the hell knows what goes through the minds of these morons.

3 thoughts on “Christianist Hate-Monger DL Foster Wants Dan Savage Arrested

  1. DL Foster is an ex-gay who believes it gets better if you pray the gay away. I’m sure I don’t have to explain or cite how many gay people are fucked up in the head because of guys like DL. Shouldn’t he be arrested too?

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