White House To Hold LGBT “Confrences” Across The USA And WILL NOT Talk About DOMA and ENDA

The Obama White House has announced that it will be holding LGBT “conferences” throughout the country in early 2012 so the public can “hear directly” from the administration on efforts to ensure the well-being, security, justice, and equality for LGBT Americans.”

But the only thin is that these “conferences” are really nothing more than LGBT campaign stop and WILL NOT focus on the really important issues such as DOMA, ENDA, and Same Sex Marriage .

From the White House Press Release

The inaugural event, the White House LGBT Conference on Health, will be held in Philadelphia on February 16th, and will feature remarks by Secretary of Health & Human Services Kathleen Sebelius.  Participants will receive important updates from senior Administration officials and have the opportunity to learn about Federal government resources and opportunities through workshop sessions. 
Future White House LGBT Conferences will be held in other locations throughout the country and focus on topics such as Housing & Homelessness, Safe Schools & Communities, and HIV/AIDS Prevention.
Well I don’t know about you.  But I DON’T want an election year pandering “conference” where the Obama Administration tries to “charm voters” with the minor changes it has accomplished in 4 years.  I want a “conference” where they talk about getting ENDA done, dismantling DOMA and Obama finally manning up and “evolving” on same sex marriage.
We as a community should go to these “conferences” but at every one of them we should  push them strongly and gold thier feet to the fire on the REALLY important subjects. ENDA, DOMA, etc. that effect the majority of our community.
 Stop after stop we must be there and NOT just sit there ands listen passively.
Enough with the pretty words.  WE WANT ACTION.

What do you think?

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