Virginia Board Stands Up To Anti-Gay Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Bans LGBT Discrimination

The Virginia Board of Juvenile Justice has stood up to and defied the famously anti-gay KKK (Kloset Kase Ken) Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and has voted to to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The board voted 5 to 1 to enact the protections that will cover  programs which involve more than 800 young people in correctional facility housing.

The policy must now go before Gov. Bob McDonnell who usually backed Cuccinelli’s anti-gay stands but did allow the state’s universities to decide their own anti-discrimination rules.

Cuccinelli told the board that they would effectively be designating a special class of citizen in banning sexual orientation discrimination. Due to the fact that the state does not itself have such a provision, Cuccinelli argued the Board’s actions exceeded its authority because such power is reserved for the Legislature.
Recently theVirginia Board of Social Security did, per his advice, abandon an LGBT-inclusive non discrimination policy.

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