Hope Christian Church’s “Bishop” Harry Jackson Lies More Than A Cheap Thai Watch

Scam artist and proven liar “Bishop”  Harry Jackson of  Hope Christian Church in Maryland which is the size of a supermarket, and has tons of merchandise for sale as soon as you enter the front vestibule and once said that “The gay community, with the help of the liberal media, has worked strategically on a P.R. campaign to make Americans comfortable with homosexuality. From the slightly effeminate male assistant to the first gay marriage ceremony on television, American audiences have watched homosexual themes creep into their lives.” Is at his lying worst again. 

This time in an article he’s written for Town Hall the WRONG Bishop Jackson writes:

“In the few states where marriage has been redefined to include same-sex couples, various churches and ministries have already been threatened with the loss of their tax exempt status if they refused to perform ceremonies for same sex couples.”

Lies, lies, lies.  no one’s been threatened with losing their tax exempt status over gay marriage.

They should just lose it period.

 Harry. Paying the extra $5 for online credentials doesn’t make you a bishop.  And Church boards, and “ministry” leaders are NOTORIOUS finding loopholes to cheat the IRS and take advantage of the tax exempt status. They justify it all somehow, as they print up ballot cue cards for their followers to take to the polls without studying any of the candidates or propositions.    It is commonplace for church boards and pastors to “license” all their staff members for “ministry” to take advantage of tax breaks they’re not really qualified for.

According to U.S. tax law, religious organizations are not required to pay taxes because they’re considered non-profit institutions and because they provide a public good. 

Spewing lies and using the money to spread hate is not good for anyone.

One thought on “Hope Christian Church’s “Bishop” Harry Jackson Lies More Than A Cheap Thai Watch

  1. Doesn’t he know we use our powers to destroy the marriages of the rich & powerful? Buahahahaaaa! *throws glitter*

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