Atlanta Police Officers Call Gay Bar Patrons “Sweetie” and “Princess”.

Looks like the APD is at it again with allegations of discrimination, harassment and misconduct fight at Atlanta’s popular Midtown gay bar Blake’s on Friday which resulted in two arrests and  the alleged assault of an off-duty Atlanta Police Department officer.

According to the report released by APD:

Two males were asked by the manager to leave the establishment (Blake’s). They refused. The manager called for the off-duty officer working at Blake’s, who advised one of the individuals they would have to leave. One of the males refused and threw his drink in the officer’s face and then punched him in the face.

“At some point, a call for assistance went out over the radio and several Zone 5 officers and a supervisor arrived on scene. One of the individuals damaged a third person’s vehicle in the parking lot and was charged with Criminal Damage to Property. The first individual that punched the off-duty officer was charged initially with Felony Obstruction. Our LGBT Liaison officers have been notified of the incident.

But Project Q Atlanta is reporting that the APD whle on the scene used undue force with at least one customer and other  police officers were calling patrons “sweetie” and “princess.”

Some responding officers called patrons in the gay bar “sweetie” and “princess,” according to the witness. He also alleges that another officer ordered the man to stop recording the scene on his mobile phone, knocked it out of his hand then ordered the man to delete most of what he recorded.  “It was really an overwhelming force and they started running into the bar. People were freaking out,” the witness said. “They kept calling us princess, sweetie and being sarcastic and laughing. It was awful.”

On June 28, 2009, the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots

In 2009, the APD raided the Atlanta Eagle internal investigations showed that APD officers involved in the Eagle raid used anti-gay language against those in the bar as well as violated constitutional rights. . The city eventually settled a federal civil lawsuit for $1.025 million filed by patrons of the bar. Two other lawsuits are currently pending.

 The LGBT Advisory Board is scheduled to meet on Monday at 7 PM at City Hall and is open to the public and is a forum to express interest and to demand answers from our APD Liasons.

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