Four People Viciously Gay Bashed At The Legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel located on Hollywood Boulevard which was and financed by a group including Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Louis B. Mayer, in 1927 has become a site where four people were injured in a savage gay bashing attack earlier this month.

 WeHo Confidential reports the victims were returning to their rooms at the hotel about 2 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 19 when they were attacked by a group of 10 people said to be gang members who started calling them”faggots,”

They began attacking one male and then threw the female of the group to the ground. Another male member of the five stepped in to pull the female away out and try to the other male victim, and he immediately sustained a blow to the head knocking him out. The attackers continued kicking the man in the head even after he had slumped to the ground, causing enormous cuts
and gashes on his face and body and resulting in a concussion.

In all four of the five people are said to have been injured — one so bad that he “awoke in a pool of blood.”

After the incident the group of five checked out of the hotel and pon checking out they requested a refund for being placed in such a terrifying situation in a place where people should expect to feel safe. The manager denied the refund, stating, “I’m the one who has to deal with your blood
all over the floor.”

The LAPD is investigating and has identified some of the gay-bashers thanks to surveillance video. The identified criminals are gang members from Oakland.

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