Pennsylvania’s Milton Hershey School Refuses Admission to HIV-Positive Student

The Milton Hershey School is a philanthropic (pre-K through 12) boarding school in Hershey, Pennsylvania. which was founded and funded by chocolate industrialist Milton Hershey and established for needy youngsters.  And it’s sad to say that it has denied admission to an honors student based solely on the fact that he is HIV positive.

The private boarding school doesn’t deny that they rejected the boy’s admission because of concerns for the health and safety of fellow students. They even petitioned to have the court review the case, they said.

Milton Hershey School released a statement Wednesday saying in part that “in order to protect our children in this unique environment, we cannot accommodate the needs of students with chronic communicable diseases that pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others.”

Direct threat?  Unless their students are in the habit of bleeding on each other and having unprotected sex, there is no “direct threat”

The AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit against the school claiming that it has violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Unfortunately they cannot be sued for being ignorant and lacking human and social conscience.

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania’s Milton Hershey School Refuses Admission to HIV-Positive Student

  1. This is just offensive and shows a total lack of education. Not surprising in this day and age where ignorance can still be used as an excuse. Publicly exposing this students HIV status should still account for a violation. Six figures in some cases.

  2. Unbelievable. I just checked my calendar. It is 2011 not 1985. And this coming on World AIDS Day. It is astonishing how ignorant educated people can be.

  3. who do people think you are i am a student at MHS in the 9th grade and i think they did the right thing so unless you can live here and be away from your family day in and day out……………you people just have no clue what your talking about and um Chicago Bob dont say educated people are ignorant because our president who is consulted in the making of the dision has a docterate so please study.

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