LGBT Activist March Down Castro Street and “Occupy HRC” In San Francisco – Video

A large group of angry LGBT Activist marched down Castro Street today chanting “HRC doesn’t speak for me!” right into the HRC store disgruntled, frustrated, and pissed off (and rightfully so) with the non-profit gay organization.

They took the “bourgeois” HRC to task for its lack of movement and priorities especially those on homelessness among LGBT youth and people with AIDS, high unemployment rates for transgender folk, and lack of decent health care and affordable housing for elderly LGBT’s and of course the snail pace to full LGBT Equality.

While leaving the store protesters chanted “We’re a movement, not a market” a zinger at HRC for having the nerve to buy and turn Harvey Milk’s once camera store and political headquarters into an over-priced gift shop.

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  1. This occupying group leader showed error in judgement for occupying Harvey Milk’s old camera shop location at 575 Castro St. They would of been on target to occupy in front of the real estate companies, especially Paul Langley & co. who has had a history or raising rents both for store fronts and residential property for over 30 years. Why Langley? He increased the rent of Harvey’s store by a Thousand bucks, forcing Harvey to move from this landmark location in January of 1978 to Market near Castro. However, it was years later, that the Langley company increased the rent of the famous Elephant Walk Restaurant at 18th & Castro fro $6,000. to $12,000 a month,forcing them out of business! Then Langley had the chutzpah to rename it Harvey’s, after the same Harvey Milk he forced out of 575 Castro Street location.

    Many evictions and raised rents were by gay owned and managed real estate companies in the Castro, and later the Mission district. It would of made more sense to point out those responsible for changing the complexion of the Castro from quaint original shops to franchise companies and a high priced neighborhood.

  2. Jerry, I disagree. HRC is a national organization with national reach, mostly into our wallets. One of the brilliant strategies of the Occupy Movement has been to show us that a national movement is stronger than our isolated local actions and that our local struggles are part of a national movement. I’m sure there are a dozen locations that could have served a viable target protest and I’m sure that those who participated will begin discussing and planning next actions. But, as someone not in SF, I can see that this target location was perfect because this idea is spreading. There was no better choice than the so-called gay rights organization that gave Goldman Sachs its 2011 Workplace Equality Innovation Award.

    Occupy Gay Inc!

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