Heartbreaking – HS Senior Jacob Rogers Commits Suicide, Leaves Behind Messages To Show The Hate He Endured

Another innocent life fallen to hate, prejuide, and bigotry.  When will this madness ever end?

After years of being bullied Jacob Rogers at senior at Cheatham County Central High School could stand it no longer.

He started coming home his senior year saying I don’t want to go back. Everyone is so mean. They call me a faggot, they call me gay, a queer,‘” friend Kaelynn Mooningham said.

Even aftre dropping out of school to get away from the torment of other students the bullying continued.  On  Wedensday Jacob could take it no longer and committed suicide.

Jacob lived with his grandmother who primarily took care of him.  And before he left us Jacob made sure to leave notes left for her. In those notes Jacob left passwords to his email and his phone so that they could see the messages of hate that he endured so  investigators could look into why he chose to kill himself.

And in the end the story gets even sadder.

Jacobs grandmother doesn’t have enough money to hold a proper funeral for this poor lost child

 Donations for a funeral are being accepted at Sandman’s Ink Shop, a local tattoo shop in Ashland City. TN- 1102 N. Main Street, Ashland City, TN 37015 -(615) 792-0506

Joe My God , Towleroad, and Dan Savage at Seattle’s Stranger are also raising funds for Jacobs funeral.  You can donate by CLICKING HERE

5 thoughts on “Heartbreaking – HS Senior Jacob Rogers Commits Suicide, Leaves Behind Messages To Show The Hate He Endured

  1. Then they become the villian instead of the victim. The suicide shows where the true victim is and who the true villians are, unfortunately. Hopefully, they prosecute those whose hate-filled messages they find. God Bless this dear child’s soul and may he have peace.

  2. I just wanted to say Thank You so Much for writeing this about him. Jacob Rogers was one of my best friends. He lives with me for three months and i know this messages is several months after-the-fact but, i really need to get this off my chest. Jacob was an amazing person and i seriously do believe that he is always watching over and after all of his friends. Especially, his best friend (Whome i will leave anonymous) I just really hope Jacob knows just how much we all love him and Always Will!
    Jacob Rogers

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