Andrew Breitbart Quits GOProud’s Advisory Board Over OUTING Of Tony Fabrizio

Andrew Breitbart pathological liar, race-baiter, propagandist and Tea Party uber-creep was so incensed over GOProud’s outing of Rick Perry’s strategist TonyFabrizio that Brietbart has resigned from his seat on the GOProud Board.

To review earlier this week GOProuds co-founders Jimmy LaSalvia and Christopher R Baron were so inseced over the release of the latest in a string of Rick Perry anti-gay video;s that LaSalvia and Barron both tweeted about the “faggot stratgist” who works for Rick Perry. We here at were the first to put it all together and post that they were indeed talking about Perry’s strategist Tony Fabrizio of Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates who served as a pollster and strategist for Senator Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign has worked for more than a dozen GOP senators, and has worked on more than 50 GOP congressmen campaigns.

 In an e-mail to the rest of the board — acquired by the Daily Caller — GOProud leaders Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSavlia defended themselves, basically by claiming that Fabrizio’s in-or-out status wasn’t exactly a closely-held secret.

Both Jimmy and I have known Tony for years and have known that he was gay for years. Multiple media outlets contacted us after the Perry “Strong” ad debuted asking our opinion of Fabrizio’s role in the campaign given the anti-gay nature of the ad. Every news outlet that called asked our opinion of a gay man being a part of this campaign’s leadership. (Emphasis added.)

As we were responding to these inquiries it never occurred to us that he wasn’t out. We would never intentionally out anyone, but quite honestly, we didn’t think we were outing anyone. If Tony Fabrizio was closeted it was news to both of us.We aren’t in the business of prying into other people’s personal lives, however if Tony Fabrizio wanted it to be a secret that he was gay he probably should have done a better job of letting other people know it was supposed to be a secret.

Andrew Breitbart, was angered so much by this he immediately resigned. The Daily Caller was also given an e-mail that Breitbart sent around explaining his decision.

On numerous occasions I have spoken with [GOProud leaders] Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron of the significant impact the practice of “outing” had in my evolution from the political left to the right. I was under the absolute impression that both agreed. I have a zero tolerance attitude toward the intentional infliction of vocational and family harm by divulging the details of an individual’s sexual orientation as a weapon of political destruction.

Breitbart has always been a staunch supporter of GOP even being the primary host of a party that served to “welcome” the “homocons” to the CPAC convention.  And after CPAC was over and GOProud became “officially uninvited” to any more CPAC’s Brietbart to make a statement joined  GOProuds advisory board.

This story has been like an early Christmas present. 

GOProud screwed the self loathing (much like themselves) homo Tony Fabrizio, and their biggest GOP/Tea Party backer Brietbart screws GOProud!

And all we have to do is sit back and drink champers and eat nibbly bits.

Happy Holidays everyone!


5 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart Quits GOProud’s Advisory Board Over OUTING Of Tony Fabrizio

  1. Breitbart has a curious idea of morality. I agree, intentional outing of someone in the closet is dubious, and it can be like a witch hunt. But Perry, and those who work for him, cannot cry martyrdom while putting out filth like that ad and expect the others not to hit back. The other thing is, how secret can their sexuality be? People gossip. Someone who saw something tells the others. Back when Rock Hudson was dying, most people had no idea about the movie star’s preferences. They were surprised. No, really. The environment is different now. The closet door is transparent.

  2. OUT EVERY SINGLE ONE of these fucking hypocrites. If you are hiding in the closet and supporting bigotry SHAME SHAME on you. You hurt people don’t be crying when you’re exposed as the worm you are. Don’t want to get burned? Then don’t play with fire.

  3. Im with LovesIrony. Out EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE HATEFUL FUCKERS AND ANYONE ASSICIATED WITH THEM. they should be treated as social pariahs and no one should interact with them.

  4. Wow. I’m only recently out so I’m just getting exposed to the gay community, and from this article, I can say that I’ve seen it’s uglier side. This idea that it’s okay to out ppl that we don’t like (no matter how hateful) is disgusting, and self defeating. I think he’s vile too, but sewing gay ppl cheer someone bring outed if like hearing republicans cheer for the death penalty

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