And For Her Talent Miss Virginia Nikki Poteet Will Go On A Drunken Anti-Gay Attack

Pretty on the outside and pretty damn ugly on the inside seems to sum up Miss Virginia USA Nikki Poteet who drunkenly attacked her roomate Derek Powell and his boyfriend using anti-gay slurs and threatening them with assault, Think Progress reports:

Poteet’s roommate since January 2011 — claims Poteet became “extremely violent and physical and proceeded to call me and my boyfriend ‘faggots’ and ‘c**ksuckers’” at around 2 a.m. at their group house in Richmond, Virginia. Poteet denied the allegations during a phone conversation with ThinkProgress, but admitted to some sort of altercation. “One of his friends proceeded to say things that didn’t need to be said,” she said.

Powell told ThinkProgress that Poteet was “extremely intoxicated” that night and seemed upset that she did not have the full house to herself. She responded by lashing out at Powell, his boyfriend Chris, and their friends, swinging her shoes at the group, pushing people, and claiming that her male companion would “beat” their ass. Poteet kneed another person, ripped the door off of a family heirloom, and “downgraded people based on their physical appearance and economic status,” Powell explains in his letter

Miss BITCH, I mean Miss Virgina Poteet is denying the claim even though many are backing up Derek Powell’s story.

In 5 years I predict her first girl on girl XXX DVD will be released co-starring Carrie Pejean

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