San Diego Gay Couple: United Airlines Manager Called Us ‘Faggots’

Billy Canu and his partner are claiming that they were threatened by a United Airlines manager who they have identified as Rodney Hill  stating that Hill called them “faggots” before threatening to kick the couple off their flight after they got in an argument with gate agents over access to United’s Gold Lounge at Denver International Airport.  “We were completely shocked. We were shaking,” Billy Canu said.

Billy Canu

“The agents gave the couple “a very condescending, sort of rude answer. They were trying to figure out who was going to help us.”

When Canu and his partner complained about the handling of their question, a manager approached them and escorted them away from the area. Canu claimed the manager then escalated the situation.

“As we were walking away he goes ‘idiots,’” recounted Canu. “So, my partner turned around and started walking up to him and said, ‘I’m sorry. What did you say?'”

“He [Hill] says, ‘What f*****s,’” according to Canu. Canu said the manager even threatened to kick the couple off their flight to San Diego if they continued to complain.

United Airlines spokesperson Megan McCarthy has said. “We have received this complaint and are reviewing, and we will reach out to the customer directly.  United does not tolerate discrimination of any kind,”

One thought on “San Diego Gay Couple: United Airlines Manager Called Us ‘Faggots’

  1. It’s important these days to not jump on a company when this happens. The major airlines, including United, have been big supporters of the LGBT community. We should wait before anyone starts talking boycotts, on line campaigns, etc.

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