Obama Set To Fundraise At New York Gay Marriage Celebration This Week

Even though President Barack Obama has not “evolved” enough already to give his full and personal support to same sex marriage.  That won’t be stopping him from attending a fundraiser celebrating the passage of gay marriage in New York this Wednesday. 

For those of you who might not remember the President attended a New York City gay fundraiser in June as lawmakers deliberated the marriage bill but he did not endorse its passage.

This soiree scheduled to take place at the Midtown Sheraton, with a plate range from $10,000 to $35,800 each is being billed as a “small reception to celebrate the progress in the LGBT community,”

Event organizers include designer Michael Smith, Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia, Be the Change CEO Kevin Jennings,  Pfizer communications chief Sally Susman, and DNC committee treasurer Andrew Tobias among others.

2 thoughts on “Obama Set To Fundraise At New York Gay Marriage Celebration This Week

  1. I keep trying to remember not to be mad at Obama for not OFFICIALLY endorsing Marriage Equality. Really I do. I come from a very left leaning African American family, so I know why he can’t do it- he needs the black church vote. He won’t get it if he endorses Marriage Equality. My family, as I said, is very left leaning on everything EXCEPT gay rights. They despise homosexuals on the basis of religious belief, like many religious African Americans do. I am frustrated like everyone else, but I think the only way Obama can show his support AND keep the much needed 91% support rate of African Americans is to not actually come out and say “I support Marriage Equality.” Hopefully, the second he is re elected he does. Evolve already, Obama.

  2. A president needs to lead, do what’s right and bring others along with him. Not waffle and flounder. If he doesn’t evolve soon he remains weak. Weak and wrong.

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