Colorado Lesbian Couple Harassed With “Kill The Gays” Messages And A Noose On Thier Doorstep

Christel Conklin and Aimee Whitchurch. a Parker, Colorado lesbian couple have become targeted victims of frightening anti-gay harassment at their subrban home

On Friday the couple found spray painted on their garage “Kill The Gays” and then one day later, someone left a noose at their doorstep.

“You get words like ‘homos’ or ‘you’re going to burn in hell’ and things of that nature, but ‘kill the gay?’ That’s a threat against our lives so it was overwhelming,” says Aimee Whitchurch. “The noose is where it really became shocking and scary.”

The couple has notified Parker police who are investigating. .    

“You don’t know who is targeting you,” Whitchurch says. “At first I thought it was kids until the noose.”

The couple says the Home Owners Association tried to paint over the hate message but the haphazard way they tried to paint the garage door is another example of the harassment they have to live through.

Aimee and Christel put up signs on the garage door that read “We will not submit to hate” and “Don’t cover it, solve it.”

The couple says despite what they are going through, they aren’t leaving.

“We’re the white Rosa Parks,” Conklin says. “We’re not getting off the bus.”

Bravo ladies!  Hold fast. BUT BE CAREFUL!

Let everyone see the kind of monsters are out there!

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