Suspect In Custody Of Murdered Gay Activist and Airline Employee In Mexico City

Nick Aaronson, 27,  a Phoenix-based flight attendant for U.S. Airways who was active in several LGBT rights causes, including participating in the NOH8 Campaign and advocated on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign was found murdered a Mexico City hotel room early Saturday morning.  

A suspect is now in custody

Police were called to Aaronson’s room at the Hilton Hotel when he failed to appear to catch a scheduled shuttle bus Saturday morning.

There they found Nick naked, face down on the hotel bed, unconscious, with a belt around his neck and his hands tied behind him. Aaronson showed signs of being choked and beaten before being strangled to death.

Nick’s mother, Anita Aaronson, told KPHO-TV that the FBI called her on Sunday to tell her they had made an arrest. She said they used hotel security cameras to catch the man. A friend of the victim said the suspect stole Nick’s iPhone and police were able to track his location using the phone’s GPS system.

The world has become such a horrible place.  PLEASE everyone be dilligent for the safty of you and yours.

Rest In Peace Nick.

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