Lesbian Couple Kicked Out Of The Four Seasons Hotel In St Louis, MO For Kissing

Lesbian couple Teresa Folds and Julieigh Snell were having a romantic evening relaxing in the rooftop jaquzzi at The Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis, MO when they did something so shocking it got them kicked out of the hotel.

They kissed!

They were immediately approached by security and told that the hotel does not allow behavior like theirs by any couple, and ” insinuated that [they] were not a normal couple.

In a statement from The Four Seasons:

“Four Seasons respects the behaviors of our guests, except where doing so may be a breach of law or create tensions among people. This was the case on the night in question, as our staff received several complaints about the guest’s behavior. I can assure you that the gender of the couple was never at issue.”

Just because a complaint is made does not mean what was happening was something to actually complain about. And a aside to whoever at the Four Seasons wrote the release. “the Four Seasons does not discriminate based on gender”,  gay couples are NOT a gender.

What do you think?

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