Home Depot Tells Bryan Fischer and the American Family Association To Fuck Off!

Daily Finance.com reports Home Depot is having none of the threats or cowering in fear at the  American Family Association and Bryan Fister Fischer have thrown at them. 

For more than a year, the American Family Association has demanded that Home Depot (HD) not publicly back gay rights which has culminated with the AFA and  Fister Fischer himself calling for a full out BOYCOTT of the retail giant (Or what they like to refer to as “financial terrorism”when its AFA supporting companies that ate boycotted)

From Brian Fister Fischer

Despite extensive communication between AFA and The Home Depot, HD officials remain unmoved and resolute in continuing to allow their affiliates to sponsor as many pro-gay, pro-transsexual events as they’d like.

Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes said, “At the end of the day here, we’re not going to…forbid our associates to be involved in these pride festivals in any way.”

“In any way.” So apparently we’re talking about leather, whips, studded collars, feather boas, nudity, simulated and real sex acts, the whole nine yards. Whatever kind of abnormal sexual variants pride festivals want to put on display is A-OK with The Home Depot.

HD, through it’s affiliates, has put its money and its name on any number of gay pride parades and festivals. Despite repeated appeals from officials at AFA, The Home Depot intends to keep using its influence to push the radical homosexual agenda. Since everyone of these gay pride events pushes recognition of same-sex marriage, HD has clearly chosen sides on that issue.

Home Depot is holding its line on the issue:

“Our response on this has been and continues to be that we respect the diversity of all people and maintain an inclusive culture,” Home Depot spokesman Steve Holmes said in an email. “This is what [Chairman] Frank [Blake] told the AFA publicly at our annual shareholders meeting earlier this year.”

 Home Depot isn’t the only high-profile company the AFA has targeted. It has also tangled with Walt Disney (DIS), Procter & Gamble (PG), and PepsiCo (PEP). The AFA, which brags on its website that it has been on “the frontlines of America’s culture war” since 1977, insists that it has nothing against gays. All it wants is for corporate America to remain “neutral” in these same conflicts, according to Sharp. That includes both supporting gay causes and marketing to the LGBT community.

AFA president Tim Wildmon maturely shot back.  “[I]t’s no longer ‘The Home Depot,’ it’s ‘The Homosexual Depot.'”

One thought on “Home Depot Tells Bryan Fischer and the American Family Association To Fuck Off!

  1. AFA president Tim Wildmon maturely shot back. “[I]t’s no longer ‘The Home Depot,’ it’s ‘The Homosexual Depot.’”

    And I always thought it was The Homo Depot! Silly me.

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