CSPAN To Broardcast Anti-Gay Iowa Faith & Freedom GOP Presidential Speaker Forum Tonight 7pm EST

CSPAN will be broadcasting LIVE from the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s eleventh annual Fall Banquet and Presidential Candidates Forum in Des Moines, Iowa which will feature Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry which I am sure will be nothing more than an LGBT bashfest and a discussions about draconian puesdo religious issues.

The group, part of Ralph E. Reed Jr.’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, describes itself as “a 21st century version of the Christian Coalition.” Reed has said his coalition is designed to act as a bridge between the tea party movement and evangelical voters. 

But Alternet has a different view of it:

Reed, who became a political consultant after leaving the Christian Coalition, formed the group after his attempt to launch a political career in Georgia collapsed when his ties to disgraced casino lobbyist Jack Abramoff became an issue and after writing an unsuccessful political thriller called Dark Horse.

Although the Coalition is of modest size now, the group is just getting started. Reed’s proven ability to organize the Religious Right faithful and raise money make this an organization to watch.

During his time with the Christian Coalition, Reed was known for his intemperate, often violent, imagery. (He once bragged about leaving political opponents in “body bags.”) Time has not mellowed him. During the March forum, Reed discussed the possibility of “replacing the government by force.”

The line is apparently part of Reed’s stock speech. He also used it at an earlier gathering of Tea Party activists, telling the crowd, “[W]e have not only the right, but the moral obligation to overthrow that government by force if necessary, and form a new government that will protect our rights.”

 Way to go CSPAN.  Totally responsible broadcasting,  ASSHOLES.

What do you think?

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