Video – Hugh Jackman Breaks Professional Wrestlers Jaw On WWE Raw – Oooh She’s So BUTCH!

Hugh Jackman appeared on WWE Raw on Monday night, not because of the beefy men in little spandex trunks (we think) but to reach out to the young male audience to pimp his new robotic boxing flick, “Real Steel.”

Jackman buddied up with underdog wrestler Zach Ryder as he took on Dolph Ziggler, one of the WWE bad guys known for just generally being a douche.

If you  fast forward to 1:05 in the video below you’ll see Jackman lay out Ziggler with a staged punch (Yes, wrestling is fake) which went wrong in the end and Ziggler wound up at the hospital later that night with a  “hairline mandibular fracture” of the jaw.

Note to Wrestlers out there.  Never fight a guy who had his bones laced with Adamantium­!


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