After The Suicide Of 14 Year Old Jamey Rodemeyer Lady Gaga Has Had Enough! Gaga To Meet With Obama Over Teen Bullying

I’ve had enough,  you’ve had enough, and Lady Gaga has had enough!

Teen bullying, especially LGBT teen bullying must stop and after the tragic suicide of gay 14-year-old teen Jamey Rodemeyer Lady Gaga tweeted today that she’s meeting with President Obama to make this epidemic of hate that pushes our youth to kill themselves illegal.

Jaimie offered thanks to Gaga in an emotional “It Gets Better” video he recorded earlier this year in which he talked about the bullying he was enduring.

Said Jamey: “Lady Gaga, she makes me so happy. She lets me know that I was born this way, and that’s my advice to you, from her, and all you have to do is hold your head up, and you’ll go far.”

Jamey Rodemeyer, killed himself last weekend after what his parents said was years of bullying.

Tracy Rodemeyer, Jamey’s mother will bury her son in a t-shirt with a message of acceptance and defiance.

It reads simply: “Born this way.”

My heart is truly breaking.

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2 thoughts on “After The Suicide Of 14 Year Old Jamey Rodemeyer Lady Gaga Has Had Enough! Gaga To Meet With Obama Over Teen Bullying

  1. The death of this beautiful boy is so tragic. Suicides will not stop as long as we continue to tolerate the use of calling someone gay as the greatest possible insult. And this must stop on television first. Gay people continue to be the punch line for most sophomoric television humor. It drives me nuts!

  2. cyber bullying needs to END ! kids all over the world are committing suicide because of this horriable behavior. now kids from the ages 8 – 17 are killing them selves because of dirty comments people make to them . its sad what teh world has COME to theses days – love merelyn <3

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