Senator Ruben Diaz: I am PROUD To be A Homphobic Hater, Robo Call For A Republican, and I LOVE NOM!

Traditional Family Values Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz who is just so “family values” oriented that he divorced his first wife for a much younger women (who happened to be a model)  Is proud, PROUD I tell you to scream his homonpobic bigotry and his love of the hate group, yes that’s right *THE HATE GROUP the National Organization for Marriage to promote Bob Turner’s another pro-family values candidate (a Republican) special election on Tuesday to replace  Democrat Anthony Wiener in Congress.

“I praise the Lord that the National Organization for Marriage has given me opportunities to robo-call and send mailings to the voters in the 9th Congressional District about my support for Bob Turner’s pro-family values. These efforts will empower Bob Turner with real support from New York’s Hispanic community. I expect that the Hispanic vote in this race will be influential in determining who wins, and since the Hispanic community has traditional family values*, I believe they will vote for Bob Turner because of his position against gay marriage.”

ANY Democratic Organization including the DNC that gives one red cent to Ruben Diaz in the future should and will be boycotted and rightfully so.  He is a hateful disgusting vile thing and a traitor to the Democratic Party.

*And as for NOM lets stop playing semantic word games. Even though the Southern Law Poverty Center has not as of this date classified the National organization for Marriage as an official hate group.  They do work side by side, with  and support recogonized anti-gay hate group thus makes them one also.

End of story

Source: Joe My God

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