North Carolina State Senator Doug Berger (D) Compares Anti-Gay Amendment To Nazi Germany

North Carolina state senator Doug Berger, one of the many Democrats who stood up against the recently passed  initiative that will put on the 2012 ballot an anti-gay amendment that will change the Constitution of North Carolina so the state will not and cannot recognize ANY same sex union weather it be marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership. Stood during the debate and bravely compared the amendment to something out of Nazi Germany. 

BERGER: In Nazi Germany, some of you may not realize that Adolf Hitler came to power through the ballot box and even though he was elected by the people, he was able to use the instruments of power to take away the rights of individuals….[I]f you were gay, you were required to wear a pink triangle to single that you were a member of that despised group. Now, I believe that if we pass this motion to concur, we are essentially putting a pink triangle into our state constitution.

Many Republicans who were the moving force behind getting the anti-gay amendment passed took offense at Bergers characterization. 

But then again the Ku Klux Klan also objected to being compared to the Nazi’s as well, and history has pretty much proved them wrong on that as well.


2 thoughts on “North Carolina State Senator Doug Berger (D) Compares Anti-Gay Amendment To Nazi Germany

  1. Go and listen to the entire debate. Fmr Senator Berger basically called Sen. Forrester a nazi. He also said that he had ‘Jewish’ blood. That comment came at the beginning of his long prelude to likening Forrester to the Nazis.

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