NOM’s Maggie Gallagher – Srivastav: We’re Using The Orthodox Jews, Hispanics, and Blacks To Hate The Gays

Moo-gie Gallagher- Srivastav took to the pages of uber conservative Human Events  magazine, dubbed one of America’s Top 10 Conservative Magazines (which SURPRSE was former  Ronald “May he be rotting in hell”  Reagan’s “favorite reading for years,”) to explain how The National Organization For Marriage is using minorities to stop gay right. 

The majority of Democrats may not break with their party over an issue like gay marriage, but the most important voters are voters newly in motion, particularly core constituents willing to break party lines over a new issue. In NY-9, Orthodox Jews (and possibly Hispanics) played that role, and they broke party lines to protest Democrats’ support for gay marriage. In North Carolina, look for a newly resurgent black church, almost all Democrats, to lead the battle for protecting our marriage tradition against those who dub it hateful, bigoted and discriminatory.” –

Now I guess we get to add race-baiting bigot to her long and insidious resume.

Racism and homophobia flow together so nicely.

What do you think?

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