Homophobic Sci-Fi Writer Orson Scott Card Rewrites “Hamlet” Backstory To Trash Gays

Hack science fiction writer, Mormon homophobe and National Organization for Marriage Board member Orsen Scott Card has done not commited the literary sin of rewritting one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces but has done so to further a hateful bigoted anti-homosexual agenda.

In his book Hamlet’s Father Card has gone over the deep end according to William Alexander at Rain Taxi book review  who writes:

(In Card’s book ) King Hamlet was an inadequate king because he was gay, an evil person because he was gay, and, ultimately, a demonic and ghostly father of lies who convinces young Hamlet to exact imaginary revenge on innocent people. The old king was actually murdered by Horatio, in revenge for molesting him as a young boy—along with Laertes, and Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern, thereby turning all of them gay. We learn that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are now “as fusty and peculiar as an old married couple. I pity the woman who tries to wed her way into that house.”

Hamlet is damned for all the needless death he inflicts, and Dead Gay Dad will now do gay things to him for the rest of eternity: “Welcome to Hell, my beautiful son. At last we’ll be together as I always longed for us to be.”

Card has some MAJOR Issues.

But whats most disturbing  is that so many middle grades curricula include Card’s ‘Ender’s Game’. It’s viewed as some sort of young adult  classic, rather than sub-Ayn Rand sci-fi for kids.  And now this homophobic anti-gay piece of trash.

The evil that men do lives after them …..  And Orsen Scott Cards will live forever

What do you think?

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