VIDEO – NOM’s Brian Brown Laughed At By John Stossel’s Fox Television Show Audience

On Thursday night’s “Stossel Show,” which airs on  Fox, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown was unable to convince host John Stossel or his libertarian guest David Harsanyi that legalizing marriage between same-sex couples harms, or even changes, marriage between straight couples.

” Marriage is not a creation of the state,” Brown argued at one point. “The state should support what is true and good and beautiful. And it’s true and good and beautiful that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, that men and women are unique and special, that husbands and wives are unique and special, and the state should support that.”

Stossel’s live studio audience erupted in laughter at this comment, and Stossel replied: “I don’t want the state deciding what’s good and beautiful.”

So NOM is falling out of favor on FOX? 

Interesting, very interesting……

Source: The American Independent

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