Video – MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Grills NOM’s Brian (Herpes Simplex) Brown On It’s Anti – Gay Hate Pledge

 You really have to love the way that Thomas Roberts goes after Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage over NOM’s Marriage Pledge

Brown who keeps spouting things that have no basis in reality. Continues his typical blowhard way of   when something is tossed in his face, he either ignores it or says it has no bearing.   I wonder if he’s ignoring what looks like a case of well deserved outbreak of Herpes Simplex on his face. (Payback from God perhaps?)

As for John Lewis of Marriage Equality USA you simply were not needed and as usual the “rah rah feel good one marriage at at time message” is far too softball to make any lasting impression and go against the bigots.  Thomas Roberts was able to handel this quite fine by himself.  So fine in fact that I think Roberts should be out official spokesman so we never have to see another one of Gay Inc’s lackluster representatives fighting fire with fluff on any news show again.

What do you think?

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