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“Let’s Kill Hitler” – Doctor Who Mid-Season Premier

WARNING, GAY GEEK ALERT! Ok…WOW! Talk about a wild ride. If you haven’t seen the newest episode of Doctor Who, well then you’re missing out on a ton of excitement. So many questions where answered, and yet so many more were asked. What is the oldest question in the Universe? Who exactly are the Silence? River’s a child of the TARDIS? What does that mean? AGGGGH! So many questions.

If you did see it, what did you think? Please leave a comment.

Let us recap:

Back in the present, Rory and Amy create a crop circle reading ‘Doctor’ in order to gain the Doctor’s attention. He arrives, as does Mels, a schoolfriend of Amy and Rory who had helped them become a couple and after whom Amy had named her baby daughter Melody (‘A Good Man Goes to War’). Pursued by the police, Mels forces the Doctor, Rory and Amy into the TARDIS at gunpoint and shoots the control console. This causes the TARDIS to fill with smoke and crash into the office of Adolf Hitler in Berlin in 1938.

Meanwhile, in 1938, a shape-shifting humanoid robot containing miniaturized humanoids has assumed the form of a Wehrmacht officer and attacked Hitler. Running out of the TARDIS to escape the smoke, the Doctor and his companions inadvertently stop the robot from killing Hitler, but when Hitler fires a revolver at the robot to defend himself, he aims poorly and fatally shoots Mels instead. Mels reveals that she is in fact Rory and Amy’s daughter Melody Pond and regenerates into the form known to Rory and Amy as River Song. Having been trained by her captors since infancy and the events of “A Good Man Goes to War” to kill the Doctor, she poisons him fatally with an extract from the Judas tree via a kiss, also preventing his regeneration. She then jumps out of a window, with Amy and Rory in pursuit. The robot’s crew are confused, since they have on record that the Doctor is killed in Utah on 22 April 2011 as “a fixed point in time” (as depicted in “The Impossible Astronaut”), but decides to pursue Melody/River as his killer in any case.

Melody/River goes to a café and forces the diners to undress at gunpoint to provide her with a new set of clothes. Amy and Rory arrive outside the café, closely followed by the robot, who miniaturizes them and takes them on board, assuming Amy’s appearance. There its crew save them from the ship’s ‘antibodies’ (hovering robots designed to kill unauthorized passengers on board the robot) and reveal that the robot is Justice Vehicle 6018, a ship known as the Teselecta which has been sent back in time to punish criminals from the past.

In the meantime the Doctor has crawled into the TARDIS and activated a ‘voice interface’ hologram of Amy’s younger self, giving himself the strength to change into 1930s costume and arrive at the café to confront the Teselecta and Melody/River, where the Teselecta’s captain reveals to them that the Silence have employed Melody/River to kill the Doctor. The Teselecta starts to punish Melody/River, but Amy turns the Teselecta’s antibodies against its own crew. The crew powers down the ship and this stops Melody/River’s punishment. They then teleport to their mothership, leaving Amy and Rory stranded on-board.

The Doctor’s continuing attempts to save Rory and Amy finally inspires Melody/River to pilot the TARDIS, materializing it on board the Teselecta around Rory and Amy, saving them from the antibodies. Melody/River claims “I seem to be able to fly her,” implying the TARDIS, “She showed me how.” Returning to the café, where the Doctors last message to River Song are are whispered into Melody/River’s ear, Melody/River asks Amy who River Song is. Amy commands the Teselecta to transform into River Song. River then uses the last of her regeneration energy, as well as all the rest of her remaining regenerations, to bring the near-death Doctor back to life. The Doctor, Amy and Rory then leave her in a hospital with a new, empty TARDIS-styled diary, and return to the TARDIS. There the Doctor consults the information on his death in 2011 from the Teselecta, but hides this from Rory and Amy. In the year 5123, River enrolls in a course on archaeology at Luna University on Earth’s Moon in an attempt to track down the Doctor.

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1 thought on ““Let’s Kill Hitler” – Doctor Who Mid-Season Premier”

  1. I will say one thing. David Tennant will always be the Dr. to me. And I haven’t been too thrilled with Matt Smith or the new regeneration BUT after seeing what STARZ has done to my beloved Torchwood and Capt. Jack I now have a new found respect and love for current Dr. Who.

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