BBC Receives Complaints That Torchwood is ‘Too Gay’

Seems as if the U.S. doesn’t have a monopoly on bigots and small-minded turds. According to PinkNews, the BBC as apparently received complaints that popular television show, Torchwood, it “too gay.” I would appear, from their statement, that the BBC is telling people to grow up already, in that typical British polite way:

“Captain Jack Harkness is an established character in the series. The audience over the previous series of Torchwood have known him to be promiscuous and bi-sexual [sic] so we felt the content was justified in terms of the context and characters and would be within the expectations of regular viewers.

“We aim to depict relationships whether heterosexual or homosexual in an honest and realistic way. These scenes are not meant to cause offence.”

So there.

One thought on “BBC Receives Complaints That Torchwood is ‘Too Gay’

  1. The ones complaining about Torchwood being “too gay” are the ones not watching the show. I’ve read more complaints about Torchwood becoming “too American.” Captain Jack Harkness represents the one type of person the homophobic community fears — a gay man who can defend himself.

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