Video – So Called "Christian" Woman Goes Ballistic In Coffee Shop Threatens Mexican Man’s Family

I’ve gotten a lot of flack lately from those we’ll call “The REAL nice, loving, accepting Christians” (YEA!) about being lumped in with “The Evangelical Fanatic Evil Christians” (Boo – Hiss) because I just use the word “Christian” to describe them both

And you know what? I do my best to separate the two but really its not my job.  It’s for you, the “REAL nice, loving, accepting Christians” to expose them, denounce them, and expunge them from the meaning of “Christian”/  Its not up to me to police the word “Christian”.  If you believe that these “Evangelical Fanatic Evil Christians” are ruining the word then you need to stop them and stand up against them for identifying themselves as such even if they are within your own church.

And here is a VERY good reason why you “REAL nice, loving, accepting Christians” should start. 

Like now.

What do you think?

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