White Supremacist Praises NOM and David Tyree – Shocking Isn’t It?

Alvin McEwwan over at Pam’s House Blend is reporting that white supremacist James Edwards host of “The Political Cesspool,” a shamelessly white nationalist radio talk show is just praising NOM’s posterboy David Tyree for stepping up against same sex marriage…..in a way that is.

Said Edwards:

Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then. While I might not agree with David Tyree on anything else, on this single issue, he is absolutely right.

Edward’s “The Political Cesspool”  sponsors include the CCC and the Institute for Historical Review, a leading Holocaust denial organization and its guest roster looks like a Who’s Who of hate and includes: CCC leader Gordon Lee Baum, Holocaust denier Mark Weber, Canadian white supremacist Paul Fromm, American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor, neo-Nazi activist April Gaede, anti-Semitic professor Kevin MacDonald, Stormfront webmaster Jamie Kelso and League of the South president Michael Hill.

“Hate, hate will bring them together…

What do you think?

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