PROTEST FOR FULL EQUALITY – Tonight 6/23 – Outside Obama’s 2012 LGBT Fundraiser At The NYC Sheraton

There will be a massive protest tonight at 5:30pm outside NYC’s Sheraton Hotel (Seventh Avenue and West 53rd Street) where President Obama is set to ask for the LGBT Community’s backing and support for the 2012 election at a $1250.00 a plate fundraiser being held by the well heeled  Democratic National Committee’s  LGBT Leadership Council. 

Individuals from across the Tri-State and groups such as GetEQUAL, Queer Rising, and Join The Impact to demand FULL EQUALITY NOW.

From a joint press release from the 3 groups:

“A Demonstration for Full LGBT Equality” will take place just outside of the perimeter of the largest LGBT fundraising event this election season with proceeds going to assist the re-election campaign of the “still-evolving on marriage equality candidate,” President Barack Obama….

Supporters and allies from the LGBT community will gather together in their call for full LGBT equality now. With the majority of Americans now supporting the extension of marriage rights, there is no reason to delay or deny full equality to ALL LGBT Americans any longer. While the fight for full LGBT equality continues, we remind our leaders that without government support and protections the LGBT community is at greater risk for hate crimes, bullying, suicides and homelessness. We expect our elected officials to do the right thing by protecting the civil liberties of their entire constituency”

Weather you be gay or straight if you believe in full equality for every citizen of The United States PLEASE ATTEND THIS PROTEST. (And  please send me pictures)

What do you think?

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