FRC Hate Group President Tony Perkins: New York State Senators Were BRIBED Into Voting For Same Sex Marriage!

No round-up of remarks about same-sex marriage passing in New York would be complete without the ramblings of KKK connected closet case Tony Perkins, Grand Wizard President of the officially recognized hate group The Family Research Council who claims that New York Senators were bribed into voting for same-sex marriage.

“Enormous political coercion has resulted in a profound failure of moral courage in the New York Senate. A clear majority of the people of New York oppose counterfeit ‘marriage,’ but Gov. Cuomo and anti-family lawmakers have shown that their allegiance is to a small but vocal minority seeking to redefine marriage and family. The so-called religious protections that were tacked on to the bill will ultimately do nothing to protect the religious rights of New York citizens. As we go forward there is little doubt that the ‘incentives,’ some taxpayer funded, used to sway votes, especially Republican ones, will be exposed.” – Hate group leader and power bottom,  Tony Perkins.

It’s interesting that threats and coercion of incumbents by monetarily supporting competing candidates that toe your hateful  line is OK by Perkins and NOM — to them that’s not bribery or extortion.

Shut up already Tony.  Listening to you is like is like listening to Rainman.  And I hated that piece of shit movie.

What do you think?

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