Dan Savage Hits The Weiner Right On The Head!

Okay, I lied one more. I suppose you want me to resign now?

“A reporter asks if Weiner was drinking or using drugs—if he has a problem—because only a man who has a drinking problem or a drug problem could get caught up in something like this. Do reporters know what men are like? (And lots of women too?) This desire to pathologize behavior that isn’t sick—that is, indeed, very common and human and completely and instantly understandable—is itself pathological. Weiner does not have a problem. He has a computer. The whole world has Weiner’s problem: same old horniness, brand new box.”  – Dan Savage

Thank you, Dan. Very well written and on the money  I agree completely.

And as for Nancy Pelosi saying she wants an ethics investigation. Really Nancy? Lobbying, campaign finance violations, undue influence of foreign governments doesn’t bother you, but one of the strongest liberals in the House sending a dick pic does? Fuck you.

What do you think?

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