WEINERGATE EXPOSED! – Andrew Breitbart, Dan Wolfe, and Dana Loesch Soon To Be Roasted

Weiner’s weiner?  No way the man has HUGE balls!

Looks like a MAJOR GOP/Breitbart smear attack on Rep Anthony Wiener is rearing up its head and pointing back at the perpetrators.

Friday Andrew Breitbart’s “Big Government” website published a photo of  man’s erect penis outlined in a pair of tight grey boxer briefs. what was “supposedly sent by and belonging to” Representative Anthony Weiner to a college girl. (Because we are supposed to believe its him because the erection clearly shows the guy was circumcised and Weiner is Jewish after all)

But Rep.Weiner isn’t laughing at what he’s calling an Internet “prank” – and he’s hired an attorney to explore civil or criminal charges. And the co-ed it was sent to knows nothing about it.  But Twitter users, however, focused on tracking down the source of the dramatic crotch shot. Many on the social networking site accused user “patriotusa76” as the hacker.  “Patriotusa76,” whose name is listed as Dan Wolfe. denies it but in an an amazing coincidence, @patriotusa76 was anticipating JUST such a scandal more than two weeks ago.

Add into that mix involvement by Dana Loesch of Breitbart’s Big Government and An analysis by the website Raw Story that suggests that the screen-grab Breitbart’s site posted as ‘proof’ is a fraud. you have a whole lot of dirty muckraking and possible criminal charges in  Breitbart, Wolfes, and , Loeschs future

You can read all the dirty details and evidence  here, 

And @patriotusa76 if I find out its you you are in a whole bunch of trouble man.


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  1. If we determine the stitch line size of the underwear, we can determine the penis size. then we can can have a line up and determine whose pecker it is.

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