Failed Film-Critic Turned GOP Political Propaganda Jargonaut Michael Medved: A Little Gay Sex Doesn’t Make You Gay!

“Among those who describe themselves as homosexual or bisexual (a grand total of 3.7% of the 18-44 age group), overwhelming majorities (81%) say they’ve experienced sex with partners of the opposite gender. Among those who call themselves heterosexual, on the other hand, only a tiny minority (6%) ever engaged in physical intimacy of any kind with a member of the same sex. These figure indicate that 94% of those living heterosexual lives felt no physical attraction to members of the same sex, but the great bulk of self-identified homosexuals and bisexuals feel enough intimate interest in the opposite gender to engage in erotic contact at some stage in their development. [snip]

In other words, for the minority who may have experimented with gay relationships at some juncture in their lives, well over 80% explicitly renounced homosexual (or even bisexual) self-identification by age of 35. For the clear majority of males (as well as women) who report gay encounters, homosexual activity appears to represent a passing phase, or even a fleeting episode, rather than an unshakable, genetically pre-determined orientation” – Michael Medved in USA Today

It’s an asinine argument equating homosexual relationships to being about sex alone.  Being capable of having sex with a particular gender doesn’t decide one’s orientation.   And I can personally attest to the fact that over 9 percent of the “straight” men I know have given a “bro” a hand at least once in thier lives.

From the Post to USA Today effeminate Medved spews misinformation like a fountain of santorum and paints the walls with shite just like he did with his craptastic movie reviews.

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  1. He is saying that people aren't born gay right? I actually agree with that statement. I don't think sexuality is as predetermined as a lot of gay activists like to state it is, but I don't think anyone should be ashamed of their sexuality either.

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