San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Respond To Porno Pete LaBarbera Over Hunky Jesus Contest

“First of all the Sisters would like to thank Peter La Barbaria for all the free publicity he is providing for our Hunky Jesus Contest. Even in the most reactionary communities and families there are brilliant young queer children aching for something truly revolutionary, a chance to be utterly glamorous, and to royally piss off their uptight, puritanical parents. The Sisters often declare their love for Peter and especially appreciate Mr. LaBarbera’s effectiveness in getting news and images of the Sisters to those children. Of course we don’t hate anybody, but his saying we do is a great way to grab the interest of angry resentful children, and we have much experience in helping GLBT youngsters work through their anger to find a more joyous spiritual path.

However, as much as Mr. La Barbarella is promoting our appeal to rebellious youth, it is not really our intention or purpose to offend Christians. Many of our friends and fans are Christians as are some of the Sisters. It’s not even our intention or purpose to offend uptight, humorless prigs, though we often do so by suggesting that the Deity has a sense of humor. After all, God created a garden of paradise for us, declared His/Her love for us, and created such laughably bizarre creatures as the platypus, the naked mole rat, and Sarah Palin. But our mission is not to offend. Rather we are dedicated to the expiation of stigmatic guilt and the promulgation of universal joy. Still, we do understand that any sort of liberating theology is offensive to those who want to keep others under their thumbs. Offending prudes and tyrants is not our purpose, but we consider it a bit of a bonus.” – 

San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Sister Zsa Zsa of San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence responds to “Porno Peter” Peter LaBarbera’s of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s SHOCK and AWE that Easter Sunday in Delores Park The Sister’s will be holding their annual their annual ‘Hunky Jesus’ contest — “mocking the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ — as shirtless men in ‘crucifixion’ costumes parade on stage in an atmosphere of haughty, homoerotic humor”

Poor Porno Pete.  personally I think he’s more upset that he wasn;t called to judge the contestant’s Easter baskets.

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