BRAVO’s Andy Cohen Proves He’s A Pompous Ass: "I think that this gay marriage issue is about baby steps"

Andy Cohen who’s single-handedly taken BRAVO and turned it into The Real Dreckwork of Cable Television was interviewed by The New Miami Times about ” Housewives, Elsa Patton, and Why Being Gay Is Fabulous”.

It was the usual Cohen drivel.  Small town country queen makes good…..Housewives….Watch What Happens…. blah, blah, blah.  When asked about being the  Grand Marshal of the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade what does gay pride mean to you?  Cohen replied: “It just means being exactly who you are and being proud of it and walking tall in your shoes. Not compromising who you are”

Nice.  Good answer if not a bit typical.

Then it happened. 
Andy Cohen became a pretentious twat.  (Shocking right?)

MNT:  What gay stereotypes drive you nuts?

COHEN:  So many, but I think the lisping, flamboyant queen thing is over played and it’s just lame at this point. I think now there’s so many gay people who are parents, spouses, and who have real committed long-term relationships that the idea that everyone’s in a boa dancing on a bar is, you know, very 1988.

MNT:  How much importance does gay marriage have for you when electing a presidential candidate in 2012?

COHEN:  Should it be the centerpiece of everyone’s campaign? No. I think Obama made a big statement with DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act]. I think that this gay marriage issue is about baby steps and I think the country’s coming around and it was courageous of Obama to come and out say we’re not going to stand behind fighting this DOMA thing anymore. I was really happy about that. I think slowly this thing is going to happen and you need to slowly gather momentum and get the American public behind it.

Cohen talks out of one side of his face and says that Pride is about being who you are and being proud of it and then, in a matter of sentences goes on to stereotype And whats even more ironic is that if I were to “stereotype” Cohen I find it  ironic that he doesn’t like the exact type of “lisping flamboyant queen” that he himself is.  .  Self project much Andy?  Or do you honestly believe that you and Jeff Lewis are the butchest in the room?  Because if you do you aren’t only self loathing but also delusional.  For fucks sake Bethany Frankle is more manly than you two.

And as for gay marriage and equality “going slowly”.  Newsflash  Cohen.  It’s been over 40 years since the Stonewall Riots.  How much slower can the battle for LGBT Equality go? But then again I guess he who makes a living out of being a  “the lisping, flamboyant queen ” wouldn’t have much of a career left if everyone was equal and accepted.

What a bourgeois and pompous attitude and an extreme insult to everyone in the LGBT Community who are fighting everyday to gain the same rights, recognitions, and respect as everyone else which “pretentious lisping queens”  like you will enjoy because others did the dirty work.

Cohen your next show should be “The Real Auntie Tom’s of West Hollywood”

2 thoughts on “BRAVO’s Andy Cohen Proves He’s A Pompous Ass: "I think that this gay marriage issue is about baby steps"

  1. I think Any Cohen is a liberal asshole who thinks he shit don’t stink, he is way to gay for his own good, it’s people like him and his flamboyant lifestyle that makes straight people unaccepting of the gay lifestyle. Plus his political views are so typical liberal, no compromise when it comes to anything a conservative has to say.

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